Each month we have a random drawing from all the comment cards we have received. The person whose name is picked wins a $40 gift certificate and their server also wins a meal!

What do you enjoy most about Maxie's? (Taken from actual comment cards)

I live in Breckenridge, Colorado and I still drool at the thought of Maxie's! Unbelievable seafood, great atmosphere and tasty cocktails! I make my family take me to Maxie's everytime I visit. Thanks for many outstanding meals.
--K.Z. (Originally Groton, NY)

It has its own pulse! It's like hanging out in a Quentin Tarantino movie! This place ROCKS!
---M.A., Elmira NY

The quality seafood is what I come for!
---P.B., Farmingdale NY

Watching the oyster shucker
---C.M.,VanEtten NY

The food, the drinks, the music, the people. The list goes on and on.
---N.L., Ithaca NY

The friendly servers made our night. They all showed exeptional promptness and sincerity. The food was good too.
A.D., Boston MA

Nice ambiance. The service & great food + drink. --Everything!
--- A.A.,Ithaca NY

Seafood that is perfectly cooked & the service, including bussers, water dudes and bar people
--- T.H., Brooktondale NY

It makes me feel like I'm not in Ithaca - Like a vacation.
D.S., Brooktondale NY

The drag queens and atmosphere. -Oh yeah, the food too.
J.B., Hornell NY

The amazing specials and great bands!
R.M., Ithaca NY

Music, costumes, food variety.
B.M., Lyons NY

1. Food 2. Kind Hostess 3. Cool Waiter 4. Great Tunes. I am sooo full!
E.H., Ithaca NY

Having someplace to go for a late dinner and being able to enjoy it without being hurried
L.W., Ithaca NY

Tough call. Great service, great atmosphere and the food is incredible!
K.G., Granville NY

Your careful attention to details! We love coming to maxies!
--- T.G., Brooktondale NY

Alexis, the world's greatest waitress.
--- N.G. & L.L, Ithaca NY

Watching the preparation of oysters & friendly atmosphere.
R.H., Middletown RI

Late night bites and the logo.
--- M.B., Ithaca NY

Great place for a date or a family meal.
--- J. & D. P., Ithaca NY

Mmmm... Tasty, tasty catfish.
---B.S., Ithaca NY

The ambience - the lighting is perfect, the food is excellent, and I like the beer choices.
--- J.B., Ithaca NY

Cocktail sauce and scallop special. Extremely kid friendly! Atmosphere is awesome!
--- M.A.,T-burg NY

Outstanding service, unique casual erotic funky fun atmosphere.
--- C.D., Ithaca NY

Molly and the rest of your smiling staff.
---R.B., Ithaca NY

Free music and rice & beans.
S.M., Ithaca NY

The marquis cake was exeptionally good.
L.D., Rochester NY

The festive atmosphere! The oysters! The catfish! The cold martinis!
--- P.K., Ithaca NY

The fact that I've actually seen my comments posted on your site.
--- B.D., Trumansburg NY

It's Ithaca at its hippest!
H.T., Ithaca NY

Being able to find seafood/shellfish so far inland. Plus, the honey butter's great.

--- E.F & J.B., Freeville NY

Incredible food. Great service, sexy owners. (You go Bill!)
---T.V., Ithaca NY

Food, food, food, food, and oh, your service.
---H.L., Syracuse NY

The atmosphere is wonderful & I can't get enough of the shrimp + grits.
S.B., Ithaca NY

From Appz to the dessert, the food was great! Great service!
---J. & J. S., Newfield NY

Maxie's is da bomb!

The stickers. They're a great way for you to advertise!
K.E., Ithaca NY

Atmosphere! Beads! Shrimp!
D.M., Ithaca NY

People are very smiley!
--- L., Ithaca NY

Diversity of entrees... Everything!!
--- Unsigned

Feeling like part of the atmosphere and always enjoying the food! The music is Great!
---M.G., Ithaca NY

The staff that waited on me were wonderful. Pat catered to every need and more. The atmosphere is wonderful as is the food. Also, it was nice that owner took time to thank me for coming.
--- K.Y., Ithaca NY

The crabcakes and the wine list.
--- L.J., Ithaca NY

The specials and the colorful kitchen staff.
--- T.T., Ithaca NY

The happy bartenders and the offer to sample the various beers
B.S., Lansing NY

Makes you feel like you're in New Orleans!
--- A.C., Brooktondale NY

1. Food. 2. Service 3. Prices
--- D.C., Ithaca NY

Live music + welcoming hostesses, like Kia.
L.D., Ithaca NY

Cheeriness + ham sauce.
T.J., Ithaca NY

The food and our memories. We came here on our wedding night, and we were treated like a king and queen!
--- Mr. & Mrs. T.B., Trumansburg, NY

Po' Boys + Sweetened butter. Fries are damn good. Prices are reasonable.
--- C.C., Ithaca NY

It's hard to say... The food is great, the service is excellent, + the music is unique. We'll definitely come back.
--- D.G., Newark Valley NY

You were playing Johnny Cash! I love Johnny Cash!!
---- S.G., Interlaken NY

Very fun place to relax! Akio was the best!
M.D. Rochester NY

Great people working here + good food + I like the colors + driving by, you know there's a party + great local music!
--- T.D., Ithaca NY

The variety of tastes available on the menu (spicy, very spicy, etc.)
--- P.H. Spencer NY

Best burgers in town.
--- R.M., Ithaca NY